PewLead’s Mission

We are on a mission  at PewLead.

Churches are struggling to survive in a changing world.  Finances are down, membership is lagging, and volunteers are not showing up.  If that’s your church, then you need to consider having PewLead come for a visit.

Pew Optimization is the mission.


What is Pew Optimization?

Pew Optimization is a term PewLead came up with to explain the company’s mission in two words.   We liked it so much, we applied for a copyright.

Simply put, our goal is to get everything possible out of those sitting on your pews and chairs.  We realize some are more willing to give, help, lead than others.  But the potential answer to your many needs are there.

PewLead partners with you to create opportunities for the untapped potential that attends your services and events each week.  How much better would your services, your ministries be if your member involvement increased ten percent (10%)?  Imagine the positive impact that increase would make in the atmosphere of everything you do.

Analyzing, encouraging, and planning how to create those opportunities is what PewLead does best.   Consider partnering with us to change your church’s future.

Contact us at 630-777-2719 or email us at PewLead for more information.